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FoolProof editing


FoolProof Editing will rescue your document—no matter what state it's in. 

The FoolProof Editor can:

-          PROOFREAD: Check your near-finished document for mistakes, faulty grammar, and all types of inconsistencies. (Tier I)

-          EDIT/FACT CHECK: Review your draft for all the above, plus check your facts/sources and suggest ways to ensure smooth reading and make your piece "pop"! (Tier II)

-         WRITE: Develop your budding ideas, rethink muddled concepts, add structure and style, or even write your text from scratch—to deliver a finished product that will wow your readers. (Tier III)

What exactly can you expect from FoolProof Editing?

A meticulous review by an experienced wordsmith who strives to understand your goals and treats them as her own. 

A fresh, experienced set of eyes ready to pinpoint the errorsboth subtle and showstoppingfound in any type of document.

A fully developed text in your chosen voice and style that speaks to your particular audience—ready for publication in your chosen format.

An editing job that is totally FoolProof!

WHAT will the FoolProof Editor do for your document?

• Catch spelling mistakes                (Tiers I, II, III)

• Fix typos                       (Tiers I, II, III)

• Remedy grammar                       (Tiers I, II, III)

• Ensure consistency
(Tiers I, II, III)

• Check factual accuracy
(Tiers I, II, III)

• Tweak style                         (Tiers II, III)

• Enhance readability
  (Tiers II, III)

• Develop, overhaul, or ghostwrite your text from start to finish
  (Tier III)

Choose the service level that's right for you!

WHAT rates does the FoolProof Editor charge?

Rates* are determined by the level of editing or writing your document requires. 

Tier I: $6-$8 per page / $25-$30 per hour

Tier II: $10-$12 per page / $35-$40 per hour

Tier III:$15-$40 per page / $45-$60 per hour

Accepted practice (per Editorial Freelancers Association) is approximately 250 words per page.

Requested turnaround time is also taken into consideration.

Special rates may be available for documents of 25 pages or more.

-  Rates are negotiable.
- Proposal is tailored for you.
- 50% deposit is typical.

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*Compare rates to Editorial Freelancers Association standards.

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